Can you upload ______ ?
If the song is requested a lot, then probably. If it is an unknown song by a band that not many people listen to, or it's just your favorite song, then probably not. Sorry!

When will you update?
Whenever I get around to it! It's a lot more time consuming to make real sheet music.

Did ___ copy you?
At this point in time, it's not really a concern of mine anymore. I would hope that people wouldn't but I can't stop them.

How do you play (insert note here)?
Fingering Chart!

Are there any sites like this for (other instrument)?
But that's all that I know of!

Add me on Facebook? Subscribe on Youtube? Follow on tumblr? Follow on Twitter?
I'm sorry! I have too many people asking me to do all of these and I can't! I will talk to you though if you want!
If you want to talk, message me on youtube, or on the Fluters Music page and I'll reply!

Please do not request songs in my tumblr ask. 
I will not respond because it is not the place to request.

How do you learn all this music?
I listen to the first line of a song, figure out the notes, and go from there. By the end of the first few lines in the first verse I know the key and can figure the rest out pretty easily. If I really know the song already I can pretty much play through it all in one try, with a few mistakes of course.

Do you use the Chat Box or Comments?
I do post in comments, you will see my name and picture. I do not post in the chat box.


  1. Can u do if today was your last day, holding onto heaven, or trying not to love you by Nickelback?


  3. Hey i was wondering( if it is not to much work) if you could put 'Amnesia' by 5sos in sheet music because it's my favourite song ever but i don't really know how to play it with only the notes there.
    Love Geke
    P.S. sorry for the bad englisch but i'm still learning haha

    1. OMG! Yes. It's not my like all time favorite, but it's in the top ten. That would sound soooooo cool on the flute!!!

  4. Can u do I'm not the only one by sam smith?

  5. I'm BEGGING you to do Le Festin(theme from Ratatouille) and Married Life(from Up) PLS PLS!! Thank YOU!!!:))) I cant find these anywhere so please!!